The DSS facility was created in 1976 for in-house officers by the head Sergeant of the major vehicle collision division who has assisted in developing an innovative and concentrated program, which has truly advanced into a remarkable training program. Some of these same instructors that aided in the development of the program over 30 years ago continue to train in driver safety at DSS. The instructors are active/retired fire fighters and police officers with over 100 years of combined service specific to driver training. Most of our excellent instructors are former traffic officers who have first hand experience with the ways of the road.

The following are a few of the reasons why DSS is the right program for your driver training needs.

"The principal factor that makes DSS the best in business is our emphasis on the importance of offering the student hands on training. We strongly believe in hands on behind the wheel training that positively contributes to the students understanding of the safety concepts that we teach and builds confidence and awareness of the student."

- Training Staff, Drive Safe Sacramento

We offer four different types of training. Find out the ways we can make your driver training experience a pleasant one. We'll give you the skills necessary for safe and defensive driving. Choose the program that fits your needs!