We offer hands on training for drivers new to the roads. It can be an intimidating road out there but here at Drive Safe Sacramento you are challenged in a controlled setting which maximizes your abilities to be a safer defensive driver. We offer specialized training for those who are venturing out onto the road, in a safe and patient training field with professional law enforcement and fire personnel. The one day course will focus on skills that a new driver needs to be effective in diverse situations out on the real road.

You must have a valid California driver's license in order to take this class, no permits.

Photo of a new driver receiving training

A typical course consists of 10 students per class in 1 hour of classroom lecture covering laws, rules of the road and videos combined with 7 hours of behind-the-wheel training on the various courses, which includes:

You can receive the listed training above through our one-day eight-hour course for $250.

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