DSS offers a variety of courses for the law enforcement professional. We offer courses for persons who have some experience driving and want to improve their skills and understanding of vehicle dynamics. All our courses are intensive and require participants to find their own limits as well as the limits of the vehicles. Courses include:

Photo of a Sacramento Police Department Patrol Car

A full-time staff of driving instructors provides expert instruction in precision driving, skid pan, pursuit immobilization technique, code-3/pursuit driving.

Active Law Enforcement personnel are mandated by the Police Officers Standards and Training division to attend driver training update every two years in order to be in compliance. Check with your departments training division to ensure you are meeting P.O.S.T. mandates by sending your officers through mandatory training every two years.

This training course is designed to reinforce the techniques of the Law Enforcement Emergency Vehicle Operation (LEEVO) through hands-on training and demonstration. The student will be required to respond to a law enforcement emergency response situation. The student will initiate an emergency response with full emergency equipment and radio communication. The student will demonstrate the proper evasive driving techniques while avoiding all road hazards and properly clearing intersections. The emergency response will ultimately result in a pursuit situation. The student must demonstrate the basic fundamentals to safely control a vehicle at all times, but especially while in a pursuit situation. The knowledge gained, along with the techniques and skills learned during this course of training, will help the law enforcement agent/officer read the road, plan ahead, and safely operate a law enforcement vehicle while performing law enforcement-specific tasks. You may download the complete Law Enforcement In-Service Driver Training Course Outline.

DSS facilities are partnered with the Sacramento Regional Driver Training Facility. Since the program commenced in 1976 our in house accident rates have been lowered by nearly 100%.

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