We offer a defensive driving/ law and liability 8-hour classroom session, an 8-hour vehicle dynamics/ sedan placement course, an 8-hour code 3-response/ commercial vehicle placement course and a 4-hour Off-Road Driving course. We also offer a certified 5-day instructor training course.

The Defensive Driving/Law and Liability course we offer includes Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) and discussion on how law and liability affects how we drive on duty during code 3 and non code 3. Law and liability discussion is based on California vehicle code and may be different for your jurisdiction.

Our Vehicle Dynamics/Sedan Placement course begins with one hour of classroom discussing vehicle dynamics and terminology. The students then drive sedans on our skidpan for 3 hours. The afternoon starts with 1 hour lecture and finishes with the students spending 3 hours driving sedans through accident avoidance, threshold braking and sedan placement exercises.

The Commercial Placement/Code 3 response module starts with one-hour lecture before driving fire apparatus on our commercial placement course for the entire morning. The afternoon begins with a lecture on intersection analysis followed by a siren demo. The students then drive sedans on our street grid practicing high speed cornering to bring in to play lessons learned in skidpan and placement exercises. The afternoon is concluded with a simulated code 3 response with interference vehicles on the course putting the student in numerous passing and intersection scenarios.

Our instructor course includes all the above courses with emphasis placed on driving skill development as well as instruction skill development. The course will also discuss driver training program development with techniques for cost justification and funding sources. The instructor course is especially intensive because of the large number of skills developed.

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