As Fire service personnel, we often get caught up in the need to train on low-frequency, high-risk duties. We often forget that before we can arrive to an emergency there is one key responsibility that is required ... DRIVING!

Photo of a Sacramento Fire Department Truck

Many times, driving for a Fire service professional involves fun social activities that are welcomed by the community. However, there are many tactical elements that are combined with dangerous distractions that a first responder has to be aware of and have the skill level, experience and confidence to make instantaneous driving decisions.

DSS offers a variety of courses for the fire professional. We offer courses for persons who have some experience driving and want to improve their skills and understanding of vehicle dynamics. All our courses are intensive and require participants to find their own limits as well as the limits of the vehicles. Courses include:

At DSS, you will receive fire service driving training from the top professionals from the Sacramento Fire Department (SFD). SFD is nationally recognized as the leader in fire services drivers training. SFD started EVOC training in 1994 concurrently with Advanced Life Support (ALS) program. Our Accident Frequency Rate (AFR - Number of chargeable accidents for every million miles) for 1994 was 46.2 for all vehicles and 88.0 for medic units. The national average for fire departments in that same year was 28. By 1999 SFD's accident frequency rate was 18.5 for all vehicles and 14.4 for medic units, and through 2009 has averaged 10.3 for all vehicles.

Code 3-response/commercial placement requires satisfactory completion of vehicle dynamics/sedan placement course.

DSS facilities are partnered with the Sacramento Regional Driver Training Facility.

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