Drive Safe Sacramento is an exclusive driver's training program committed to teaching the driving skills necessary to become a safe, defensive driver.
The most important aspect of driver's education is SAFETY. Our instructors are highly trained in every aspect of controlling a vehicle and can teach the latest in defensive driving techniques. The students will be provided with the skills necessary for safe driving on today's roads.

Drive Safe Sacramento is a hands-on program for young drivers, drivers who would like a refresher, and public safety employees, run by first responder personnel.
Here at DSS we offer closed course driving which gives the instructor and the student the opportunity to manipulate and control the training in order to place you in specialized situations that will help you sharpen your defensive driving skills. At DSS we are able to offer extensive training in developing skid control skills, how to react in over steer conditions, safe driving in on wet roads, maneuvering your vehicle while sliding, ABS braking with ability to turn ABS on and off and many more exercises that will help our students be excellent defensive drivers.

Drive Safe Sacramento is a course in safe driving.
Our goal is to foster experience and raise awareness about the dangers of driving specific to young drivers. Regardless of the program that you are interested in you are guaranteed expert training with experienced and very knowledgeable instructors who are all certified by the Peace Officers Standards and Training Department. The in-service courses are specialized to meet P.O.S.T. requirements. The civilian courses will be instrumental to students who want to learn how to be safe drivers with defensive driving skills. Our course will offer training in areas that are not offered by common driving schools such as our skid car, driving on the wet track, high speed braking and accident avoidance all of which are not matched by any other driving school in the region!

We offer four different types of training. Find out the ways we can make your driver training experience a pleasant one. We'll give you the skills necessary for safe and defensive driving. Choose the program that fits your needs!